This section describes various real-life situations and issues that you may experience with Unit.

App Frameworks§

  • Django Apps: Migrate your Django projects and apps to Unit almost seamlessly.
  • Express Apps: Launch Express apps in Unit with minimal adjustments.
  • Flask Apps: Run your Flask apps in Unit with little to no change.


  • Bugzilla: Launch Bugzilla with NGINX and Unit using PSGI.
  • Grafana: Use Unit to power Grafana’s visual goodness.
  • Jira: Run a new Jira installation in Unit.
  • Redmine: Run your Redmine on Unit easily.
  • WordPress: Set up WordPress with NGINX and Unit in a breeze.


  • Unit in Docker: Configure standalone Unit or a Unit-run app in a Docker container.
  • NGINX Integration: Run Unit with load balancing, proxying, and enhanced security.

If you are interested in a specific use case not yet listed here, please post a feature request on GitHub.