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Server-Side WebAssembly with NGINX Unit §

Liam Crilly on September 5, 2023

Version 1.31.0 introduces a Technology Preview for Server-Side WebAssembly on NGINX Unit. This blog post explains more about why we built it, how it works, and guidance for getting started.

Unit 1.31.0 Released §

Unit Team on August 31, 2023

Version 1.31.0 adds server-side WebAssembly support and response header manipulation capabilities.

NGINX Unit Community Call No.1 (recording) §

Unit Team on June 9, 2023

Watch the recording of the inaugural Unit Community Call, to catch up on project news, the latest features, and a discussion of the roadmap.

NGINX Unit Community Call No.1 §

Unit Team on May 24, 2023

Join us online to hear about the latest features, discuss the future direction, and talk openly about all things Unit.

Unit 1.30.0 Released §

Unit Team on May 10, 2023

Version 1.30.0 adds URI rewrites, expands NJS integration and logging capabilities, and introduces an OpenAPI specification.

Unit 1.29.1 Released §

Unit Team on February 28, 2023

Version 1.29.1 addresses assorted bugs in PHP and Python app handling, NJS integration, and WebSockets.

Unit 1.29.0 Released §

Timo Stark on December 15, 2022

Version 1.29.0 comes with njs support, more variables, and per-application cgroups.

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