News of 2022§

News archive for the year 2022.

Unit 1.29.0 Released §

Timo Stark on December 15, 2022

Version 1.29.0 comes with njs support, more variables, and per-application cgroups.

Announcing the NGINX Unit Video Series §

Timo Stark on November 21, 2022

Our team starts an online video series about NGINX Unit to guide you through all its aspects step by step.

Unit Not Impacted By CVE-2022-35256, CVE-2022-40674 §

Unit Team on October 13, 2022

NGINX Unit was not impacted by the recently discovered vulnerabilities in Node.js (CVE-2022-35256) and libexpat (CVE-2022-40674).

Unit 1.28.0 Released §

Timo Stark on September 13, 2022

Version 1.28.0 comes with usage statistics, more variables, and UNIX sockets in rounting and listeners.

Unit 1.27.0 Released §

Liam Crilly on June 2, 2022

Version 1.27.0 extends routing, adds a new variable, and fixes a number of bugs.

Comparing PHP-FPM, NGINX Unit, and Laravel Octane §

@straykerwl on January 18, 2022

This article compares the performance of several different web servers for a Laravel-based application.