News of 2017§

News archive for the year 2017.

Unit Beta 0.3 Released §

Valentin V. Bartenev on December 29, 2017

Beta version 0.3 has been released with HTTP keep-alive support, latency optimizations, Python and Go improvements, and more.

NGINX Unit, Three Months In: Progress and Next Steps §

Nick Shadrin on December 12, 2017

Nick Shadrin summarizes the last three months of engineering work on NGINX Unit, and describes NGINX's plans for future features.

Introducing NGINX Unit §

Igor Sysoev, Nick Shadrin on September 22, 2017

Igor Sysoev, co-founder and CTO of NGINX, and Nick Shadrin, Sr. Product Manager of NGINX, introduce NGINX Unit.

NGINX Unit OpenShift Service Catalog Integration Demo §

Alessandro Fael Garcia on September 20, 2017

This demo gives a simple overview of how NGINX Unit can be integrated and deployed within popular platforms such as the upcoming release of the OpenShift Service Catalog.

NGINX Unit In-Depth Demo §

Nick Shadrin on September 20, 2017

The NGINX team gives a in-depth demo of NGINX Unit by deploying various PHP, Python, and Go apps simultaneously using the NGINX Unit JSON REST API.