Unit 1.9.0 Released§


I’m glad to announce a new release of NGINX Unit.

In this release, we continue improving routing capabilities for more advanced and precise request matching. Besides that, the control API was extended with POST operations to simplify array manipulation in configuration.

Please check the documentation about new features:

If you prefer to perceive information visually, here’s a recording of NGINX Meetup that gives a good overview of dynamic application routing, although doesn’t discuss new features from this release:

Also, a number of annoying bugs were fixed; thanks to your feedback, the Node.js module now works fine with more applications.

Changes with Unit 1.9.0                                          30 May 2019

    *) Feature: request routing by arguments, headers, and cookies.

    *) Feature: route matching patterns allow a wildcard in the middle.

    *) Feature: POST operation for appending elements to arrays in

    *) Feature: support for changing credentials using CAP_SETUID and
       CAP_SETGID capabilities on Linux without running main process as
       privileged user.

    *) Bugfix: memory leak in the router process might have happened when a
       client prematurely closed the connection.

    *) Bugfix: applying a large configuration might have failed.

    *) Bugfix: PUT and DELETE operations on array elements in configuration
       did not work.

    *) Bugfix: request schema in applications did not reflect TLS

    *) Bugfix: restored compatibility with Node.js applications that use
       ServerResponse._implicitHeader() function; the bug had appeared in

    *) Bugfix: various compatibility issues with Node.js applications.

With this release, packages for Ubuntu 19.04 “disco” are also available. See the website for a full list of available repositories:

Meanwhile, we continue working on WebSocket support. It’s almost ready and has great chances to be included in the next release for Node.js and Java modules.

Work on proxying and static files serving is also in progress; this will take a bit more time.

wbr, Valentin V. Bartenev