Unit 1.32.1 Released§

NGINX Unit 1.32.1 is a maintenance release that fixes bugs in the new WebAssembly Language Module and in our njs implementation.

Resolved issues§

This release fixes the following issues:

Applications of type wasm-wasi-component can’t be restarted§

Applications deployed as wasm-wasi-components can’t be restarted using the restart endpoint.

After deploying a new Wasm Component binary to disk, the restart will trigger a reload of the component in Unit without restarting the server.

As restarts will work independently of the application type, the behavior shipped with 1.32.0 was not right. It has been fixed in this release.

Unit-variables in NGINX JavaScript are constantly cached§

In 1.32.0 we added the possibility to access all Unit variables form inside njs.

As reported in GitHub issue #1169 the variables were cached and would hold the wrong value, which is not how this feature should work. With version 1.32.1, we have fixed this issue.

Full Changelog§

Changes with Unit 1.32.1                                         26 Mar 2024

    *) Bugfix: NJS variables in templates may have incorrect values due to
       improper caching.

    *) Bugfix: Wasm application process hangs after receiving restart signal
       from the control.

For a full list of changes and bugfixes, please see the changelog.